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Monday – Thursday: 5.30PM – 8PM Come at any time during this period and do the workout.


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Do you want to get fitter in a challenging friendly and innovative environment? At The Changing Room we provide you with top quality trainers and equipment with programming and a support system designed to help you change, for good. In our gym you will not be placed in machines, rather you will use your body. Some bars, boxes and weights so you can explore what your body is capable of. We believe that everyone is an athlete, though we may be currently operating at varying levels, and that the best way to keep engaged with your fitness is to constantly make and reach new goals, whether the goal is to do one pull up or complete an iron man triathlon. If you are interested in the vibrant life that being fully active yields, give us a shout, we would love to show you what we can do for you.

The Changing Room LA is a unique personal training space. A friendly no judgements environment where your body can explore what it is really capable of. We have put together a top quality facility for people who are tired of being part of a large gym machine and who are looking for a more innovative and challenging approach to their physical well being. At the Changing Room you won’t find machines and boring routines, just trainers who are ready to bring your body through dynamic movement patterns which provide real results.

Our aim is to provide an honest experience. You will be met where you are and brought to beyond you though you could go. No gimmicks, no selling of useless products and supplements, just a whole lot of hard work and fun.

The Changing Room LA is the brain child of John Dunlea. A Crossfit Level 1 Certified trainer, John created this space to be able to give his clients the full training experience he desired and to create a space where other like minded trainers could do the same.


Passion in Action